Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions about the Automate Shipping Profiles app.


How does Automate Shipping Profiles work?
Automate Shipping Profiles lets you quickly and easily assign products to your custom Shopify Shipping Profiles in bulk using custom Profile Conditions instead of manually moving products one at a time.
What do I need to get started with Automate Shipping Profiles?
At a minimum, you’ll need at least two (2) Shipping Profiles in Shopify and one (1) Profile Condition in Automate Shipping Profiles.

Shipping Profiles are a Shopify feature and must be set up within your Shopify settings. Learn how here.

Profile Conditions are set up within Automate Shipping Profiles. Learn how here.
Can I use Automate Shipping Profiles in Setup mode?
Absolutely! You can access most Automate Shipping Profiles features in Setup mode. To run automation and to bulk sort your products, you must activate billing.
Is there a free trial period?
Automate Shipping Profiles is free to use in Setup mode. At this time, to access all features, you must select a billing plan.
Does Automate Shipping Profiles calculate shipping rates?
It is not a rate calculator.

Automate Shipping Profiles allows you to quickly and easily move your products from one Shopify Shipping Profile to another, where shipping rates set up in each Profile are displayed to your customers.

If your Shipping strategy requires more complex shipping rules and calculations than you are currently using, consider using our main app, Intuitive Shipping
Is Automate Shipping Profiles compliant with GDPR?
Yes! As a verified app on the Shopify app store, Automate Shipping Profiles is in full compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law. To learn how click here.


Does Automate Shipping Profiles have a dashboard?
The Activity page is the Automate Shipping Profiles dashboard. Once you’ve activated your account and started using Automate Shipping Profiles, recent automation activity will appear on the Activity page, with the most recent activity at the top.
How do I find a specific activity?
You can find a recent activity by searching for a product name or variant from the Activity page.
How can I find out more information about recent activities?
To learn more about the product that was assigned to a Profile, click the product name in the activity record. This will take you to the Product Information Page in Shopify.

To learn more about the Profile, click the Profile name in the activity record. This will take you to the Profile settings in Shopify.

To learn more about the Profile Condition, click the Profile Condition name (below the product name) in the activity record. This will take you to the Profile Condition settings in Automate Shipping Profiles.
Why can’t I filter by a Profile Condition?
To filter your activity by a Profile Condition, you must have Profile Conditions set up.
Why can’t I filter by a Shipping Profile?
To filter your activity by a Shipping Profile, you must have Shipping Profiles set up for your store.
Why can’t I see any Profile updates on the Activity page?
Recent activities are displayed from the past seven (7) days. If you haven’t had any activity in this period, no activities will be displayed

Profile Conditions

How many Profile Conditions do I need to use Automate Shipping Profiles?
You only need to create one Profile Condition. To gain the benefit of Automate Shipping Profiles, you should have at least two Shipping Profiles.
Do I need more than one Shipping Profile?
In order to benefit from using Automate Shipping Profiles, you should have at least two Shipping Profiles, otherwise sorting can’t take place.
Why do I need to set the Priority of my Profile Conditions?
Let’s say you have a product that meets two (2) or more Profile Conditions. The Profile Condition with the highest priority takes precedence and the product is assigned the Shipping Profile associated with that Condition.

When you change the priority and run a Bulk Update, the product will be reassigned to a different Shipping Profile based on the new priority.
What happens if I make a Profile Condition inactive?
Each Profile Condition you create has an ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ status which can be toggled manually by you. When you set a Profile Condition to ‘inactive’, the system simply ignores it and looks at the next Profile Condition in priority sequence.


Why do I need to select a Default Shipping Profile?
Every product in your store must be assigned to a Shipping Profile. When you set up Profile Conditions and run a Bulk Update, any products that don’t meet the Conditions are automatically assigned to your Default Shipping Profile.

You can select any Shipping Profile as your default from within Automate Shipping Profiles. However, you will need to add or remove Shipping Profiles from your Shopify settings.
How do I add another Shipping Profile to the Default Shipping Profiles list?
Shipping Profiles are managed by your Shopify settings. To learn how to create a new profile, click here.
What is a Bulk Update and why do I need to run it?
A Bulk Update is the primary function of the app. It sorts your products to their correct Shipping Profile. Any time you make a change to your Profile Conditions – for example, you changed the priority sequence – you will need to run a Bulk Update.
Do I need to run a Bulk Update every time I add a product to my store?
Nope! If you’re adding one or two – or even a handful of products – to your store, they will automatically be assigned to a Shipping Profile based on the Profile Conditions they meet after you have synced them with Automate Shipping Profiles.

If you’ve made a lot of changes to your products, we do recommend running a Bulk Update.
Why can’t I run a Bulk Update?
If you’re unable to run a Bulk Update, it is likely because of one of two reasons:

Your account is not activated. Bulk Updates are only available if your account is active. If your account is not active, a reminder will be displayed beside this feature. To learn how to activate your account, click here.

You ran a Bulk Update recently. If your account is active and you still can’t run a Bulk Update, check your Settings later. Bulk updates can only be run at the interval listed on your Settings page.
Can I use Automate Shipping Profiles while syncing is in progress?
Absolutely! Feel free to continue using the app. To take advantage of your synced settings, be sure to wait until syncing has finished.

We recommend performing a sync prior to running a Bulk Update to ensure the latest information is being used before updating your product catalog.

Billing & Support

How do I activate my account?
To active your account, go to Billing and select a Pricing plan.
Why can’t I test in Setup mode?
To use the automation (bulk updates) and access all of the features in Automate Shipping Profiles, your account must be active.
Is there a free trial period?
At this time, you will need to select a Pricing plan to activate Automate Shipping Profiles.
Why don’t you offer a free trial period?
Any bulk update will sort all of your products and variants to Shipping Profiles based on the Profile Conditions set up in Automate Shipping Profiles. Whether it’s for testing purposes or live updates, the primary operation of the app is being performed when you run a bulk update. Automate Shipping Profiles scans all of your products, whether they’re being sorted or not.
Can I change my Pricing plan?
Of course! You can change your current plan at any time.

To change to a lower-tier plan, your current usage amount must be lower than the limit of the plan you wish to change to.
What are Pricing plans based on?
Pricing plans are based on the number of products in your product catalog.
What happens if I exceed my plan limit?
Once your current usage reaches your plan limit, automation will be suspended. We’ll send you a notification email, and you’ll have the option to move to a higher pricing tier.
Can I use Automate Shipping Profiles when automation is suspended?
If you reach your plan limit and automation is suspended, you can use the app the same way you did before activation. In order to resume automation and access all the app’s features, you’ll need to move to a higher pricing tier.
How do I uninstall and cancel my account if I no longer need Automate Shipping Profiles?
To cancel your account, simply delete Automate Shipping Profiles from your Shopify Apps list. That’s it! Monthly billing will stop automatically after you uninstall. Your final billing will include the current month.

Your settings will be saved for a brief period of time, just in case you change your mind. If you don’t reinstall the app during this time, all of your settings and synced Shopify data will be purged.

If your needs should change in the future, we hope you’ll install us again!
How will I be billed?
Your Automate Shipping Profiles app charges will appear on your Shopify invoice. Learn more about how Shopify bills you here.
How do I get help if I need support?
If you have any issues with Automate Shipping Profiles or get stuck in the setup process, please reach out to us for support. We’re here to help!
What if I have an urgent issue?
If you experience a business-critical issue with Automate Shipping Profiles that is actively affecting sales, please email us and put ‘URGENT’ in the subject line.
Will I have access to support regardless of my Billing Plan?
Every Automate Shipping Profiles plan includes the same level of support, regardless of the Billing Plan selected.
How long do I have to wait for support?
We typically respond to Support Tickets within 1 business day. Email support during weekends and Canadian statutory holidays is limited.

If you have an urgent, business-critical issue with Automate Shipping Profiles, please email us and put ‘URGENT’ in the subject line. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.
How can I find out if there are issues with the app?
The Status page provides real-time updates during app downtime caused by maintenance or unforseen technical issues.

Be sure to add the Status page to your browser bookmarks. Or click the Subscribe To Updates button at the top of the Status page to receive status alerts by email.

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Updated on 29 October 2021

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