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GDPR Compliance

Shopify mandates that all third-party app developers strictly adhere to the European Union’s data transfer privacy law known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What Is GDPR?

Implemented in 2018, GDPR is a regulation in EU law that provides individuals in the EU with the ability to control how their personal information is accessed by and shared with commercial entities both within and outside of the EU.

How We’re Compliant

We care about your privacy and the privacy of your customers. We have implemented a comprehensive Privacy Policy that addresses how we collect information from you through our apps and our site, and how that information is used. Our policy includes measures that comply with GDPR. A link to our Privacy Policy is prominently displayed in the Support section of our product pages in the Shopify App Store.

As a verified third-party app developer in Shopify’s App Store, Intuitive Shipping Inc. is fully compliant with Shopify’s GDPR policy and GDPR law. For general information about how Shopify manages GDPR compliance, go here. For information specifically covering third-party apps, go here.

All third-party developers, including Intuitive Shipping Inc., are mandated to use webhooks that control how your customer’s information is maintained in our database. You can learn how these webhooks work here.

If you have questions about our Privacy Policy or our GDPR Compliance, please contact us by clicking the Contact Support button at the top of this page.

Updated on 18 June 2020

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